Canva – An easy and free design program

These days many business owners prefer to take the reigns on their social media accounts. 

This is fine but in many of these instances, the quality of the posts is lacking due to available time and skills. A fantastic program to help owner operators improve the quality of the images on their posts is Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design tool that is easy to use. The program is free and has a user friendly interface with guided tutorials when you first use the program. There are many templates on offer developed by graphic professionals making this a great tool to develop good looking posts for your social media pages or website. There are also options for stationery available. 

What’s the downside? While it isn’t a downside, the overall aesthetics are identifiable as a Canva design to those in the know. In saying this, the products look good so this feedback isn’t a downside in the grand scheme of things.

How does Canva work?

The beauty of canva is the list of thousands of templates to get you started. Most are free once you pick a desired template, Canva will guide you through using the tools to start customising.

The Canva tools are easy to use. Located in the left-hand menu, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping onto the template you’re working on. I won’t go through the specifics of using the program as Canva do a fantastic job of guiding you through the program when you use it for the first time. 

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