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It’s amazing how many website have bad images. Really bad images. So here is one message I want to share with anyone who reads this entry… DO NOT under any circumstances Google an image and use it in your social media post or blog. You’re setting yourself up for a world of trouble if you do this.

I’m not a professional photographer but I take pride in those images I post online. Before I post them, I write metadata into the file supporting the image. If I ever cross anyone who uses my image without asking me, I’ll investigate how financially viable it will be for me to sue the party. There are no set laws regarding international intellectual property ownership and rulings are based on case-by-case presentations. Some of those have been very lucrative so you can guarantee I’ll look into what I can financially gain from suing a company who uses my image in marketing activity – because I may actually see some cash from it.

So – DO NOT Google an image and use it. It doesn’t cost a lot to purchase a license to Adobe Stock Images and other stock images if you need the help. Hiring a photographer and posting your own images is even better. If you do this, find someone who knows how to enter metadata into every photo so you can prove it is your image. The added benefit is that the image will appear in search results. For instance, I’ve posted a lot of employee biographies in my years. If any one of them Googled themselves they would find every image I posted of them in the search results because I write metadata in images. This is a free benefit if you decide to chose me for your marketing. Any image you purchase has metadata written into it to help protect your intellectual property.

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