Exclude you from your Google Analytics data

How to exclude yourself from your website's Google Analytics data

Google Analytics is necessary when developing and launching a new website. The data equips you to make strategic decisions about the evolution of your website build based on how it’s being used. For this reason, make sure you exclude internal stakeholder engagement with your website.

Usage data from you, staff, and your developer (if you’re using one) are irrelevant and skew the results. The data you want (especially in the early days when traffic is low) is potential clients. How they use the website is paramount so these steps to exclude users will improve the quality and accuracy of your website’s analytics.  

Get your IP address

The Internet Protocal (IP) address is a unique number assigned by the network provider to identify your network. You will need to get the IP for your WiFi network and your Mobile network.

Find your WiFi IP address
  1. Connect your device to the WiFi network
  2. Open Google search and enter “What is my IP?”
Find your Mobile IP address
  1. Switch off WiFi on your mobile device so it is connected to the mobile network
  2. Open Google search and enter “What is my IP?”

How to exclude an IP address in Google Analytics

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Open the Admin menu
  3. Under the Account heading, select ‘All Filters’
  4.  Select ‘Add Filter’
  5.  Enter Filter Name. Use a clear and consistent identifier like [Solange wifi] or [Solange mobile]
  6.  The filter type is ‘Predefined’ with the settings ‘Exclude’  ‘traffic from the IP addresses’  ‘that are equal to’
  7.  Enter your IP address
  8.  Add ‘All Web Site Data’to the selected view column
  9.  Scroll down and Save

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