How to add a person to your Google Ads account

How to add a person to your Google Ads account

In the event you engage a Google Ads contractor these are the steps you need to follow to provide access to your account:

  •  Log in to your existing Google Ads account
  •  In the top menu click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Account access’ as highlighted below
  • Enter your consultant’s email address. In the event I’m your consultant you’ll receive an email with the relevant address to enter for access.
  • Email your consultant to advise you’ve given account access. 

Following these instructions, without providing the consultant your log-in details, means you’re able to remove the consultant from access to your Google Ads account at any time. In the event these instructions are not easy to follow and don’t work, and I’m your consultant, please contact me via the provided email address for advice.

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