Livvy Newton at Zoo Studio

I was honoured to watch an Australian Master Photographer capture images of my darling pup Livvy. His studio was exemplary and his technique advanced. I was beside myself witnessing Ken Drake work in his studio with my baby-girl. He taught me so much about lighting and animal behaviour in our photo session and I was like a kid at Christmas.

A week later, we reviewed the best of the shots captured. It’s no secret I’m a Ken Drake fan-girl. I’m unapologetically a fan girl. I’m such a fan… I can’t explain it. I’m pretty chuffed that I got the chance to watch Ken photograph in his studio witnessing techniques he used to keep our working dog in line for our images with very little effort.

Ken Drake really is a legend and I’m so thrilled I got to watch him photographing my fur-baby. This was a big tick off my bucket list and OMG… I’m thrilled with the results.

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