A weekend at Mission Beach – Heaven on Earth

My husband reunited with his best friend who invited us to his Australian home in Mission Beach Nth Qld. I was reluctant to go due to work commitments but this trip changed my life. We flew to Cairns on Saturday morning and left Townsville Monday afternoon back to Brisbane.

Every moment in between is a treasured memory and the journey was a life changing experience for me. For the first time in a long time I gained perspective about what is important in life. For the first time in too many years, I finally relaxed and calmed. 

Our weekend away was phenomenal. We spent it with sincere friends exploring a gorgeous part of the world. The time away, I was hesitant about taking, presented me with perspective and I returned home with a clear head focused on what actually mattered. I even pulled my camera out of the dust.

Mission Beach, and cherished friends, you are spectacular. You made some of my dreams come true and reminded me what’s important in life amidst our busy schedules. I love you immensely and I’m so keen to have another incredible journey with you again very soon. 

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