My review of the Samsung IconX (2018)

I’m not one for spending a large sum of money on products unless we’re talking shoes. However, my husband works in technology and is an influencer in this field. He’s up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and has tried to encourage me to splash out on various technology over the years without success. I don’t know what it was about his pitch this time around but I caved when he told me the benefits of the Samsung IconX (2018). Maybe I was weak because I was in the process of navigating my upgrade to the Note9 but I caved after hearing the benefits.

The benefits of the Samsung IconX 2018

Cord free music and calls

While listening to music you’re able to connect or reject calls wirelessly via the ear plug’s built in touch pads. It takes a bit of practice to get the touch right but once you do, you don’t need your phone and this is a bonus when you need to get on with work or working out.

An in ear fitness coach

The earbuds record my workout (time, distance and calories) and syncs with S Health on my phone so I can see my progress after working out at the gym and the bonus is I don’t need to have my phone with me to record this progress. I’ve been using S Health via my phone for many months and it’s very cool I don’t need to have my phone in my pocket to hear the goals S Health alerts me about while I’m working out.

Internal storage

The earbuds work as a standalone media player without the need to have my phone beside me while I’m working out at the gym. They amazingly have 3.4GB of internal memory which means I can store up to 1000 tracks to listen to without having my phone beside me at the gym. I can also listen to music while I work and my phone is sitting in my handbag.

Improved battery life.

Not only do the earbuds have external battery life but their case also holds charge. 10 minutes in the case gives me about an extra hour of use of my earbuds which is awesome when I’m away from my charger during my long days at work.

They’re comfortable.

Wingtip headphones are my favourite. They’re comfortable and don’t hurt my ears after listening to music for hours. The best benefit is, they don’t fall out of my ears when I’m walking or jogging. Samsung has recognised no two of us consumers are the same so the product comes with 3 wingtip sizes to ensure you have the best fit for you.

I have control and don’t need my phone.

I’m able to play music, navigate through them and adjust the volume with taps and swipes. I don’t need to have my phone with me to do this.


Which Samsung IconX 2018 to purchase

The Samsung IconX was released in Australia in 2018 in three colours. There’s black, grey and pink with prices that appear to be subsequent to consumer demand.

My husband visited the Samsung shop at Westfield Carindale in August 2018 and purchase his in black for AU$300. He was so impressed with the functional benefits he had me convinced within a couple of hours but I didn’t see the need to pay this amount of money out for earbuds for me given I’m more akin to the $20 variety sold at local retailers and service stations with my only requirement being they have wingtip fittings because regular earplugs hurt my ears.

My husband did an online search and found that the pink variant were the cheapest. I didn’t mind the pink and I like my earplugs to be coloured so people know I have stuff in my ears which means I won’t be as responsive to them because I’m listening to shit.

He had me convinced within hours that I was willing to get a set given their benefits outweighed the price – I still thought was a little ridiculous, but I knew I wanted a pair.

My experience of the Samsung IconX 2018 post-purchase

I’m impressed. I really am. I mastered being able to tap and swipe while listening to music and accepting/rejecting phone calls. While I can’t respond to texts, I don’t need or want to when I have my earbuds in. I receive a voice alert that I have received a text or notification amidst my music and that’s alright for me.

I was on the phone with my mother-in-law the other night and walked away from my phone. I walked 10m around a corner and I could hear her clearly and she could hear me too. In that same conversation, I left my phone outside and walked into the house through the dining room and into my ensuite (beyond a brick wall) and while got a little crackly along the way but we could hear each other and continue our conversation.

I’ve read reviews about battery life and I’ve got to admit I haven’t had any problems. I tend to use my Samsung IconX earbuds for an hour at a time, two at max. I haven’t had them go flat on me yet. I have noticed when charging that one appears to lose power faster than the other. It’s the one I prefer for hand gesture navigation. I’m left handed so I’ve set my earbuds for left hand use and that’s the one that is always a little more undercharged than the other.

What I would like to highlight is how comfortable the earbuds are. Regular earphone plugs hurt my ears after 10-15 minutes of wear. I discovered wingtip earbuds in 2017 and was thankful they didn’t fall out during a workout but they started to get uncomfortable after 40-60 minutes.

I’ve worn my Samsung IconX earbuds for 2.5 hours and forgot I had them in. I’ve subsequently sat down and continued online browsing forgetting I still have them in.

Downsides of the Samsung IconX 2018

I’ve read reviews the microphones aren’t up to scratch. I haven’t tested this fully beyond talking to my mother-in-law while I wandered through my house without my phone. I didn’t ask her for feedback though I’ve read that surround noise is apparent.

The Samsung IconX earphones don’t completely block out external noise. I haven’t tested this myself but I’ve read reviews from others who walk through city traffic to get to work who have reported they’ve had difficulty hearing conversation amidst the mayhem and conversations in crowds.

It takes a while to get use to the tap and swipe interface and every now and then I don’t get it right. I’m comfortable with it but I find I pause songs heaps instead of turning the volume up and down. I’m not complaining though. I’m pretty impressed with the functionality available to me.

Should I buy the Samsung IconX 2018?

I’ve got to admit, I was a little beside myself when my husband gave me my Sansung IconX earplugs. I was hesitant by the price of them given I’m one for buying $20 earplugs at a local retailer or service station.

I’m thrilled with the product and recommend them with 4 out of 5 stars (I’m sure the next version will hit a 5):

  • My ears don’t hurt when I wear them for hours at a time.
  • I don’t need to have my phone with me when I’m working out at the gym but S-Health is just as functional and records my progress.
  • They have great battery so I can listen to my tunes for hours on end.
  • The case they come in recharges them so I can listen to music longer when I’m away from a charger.
  • The phonecalls I’ve been part of have worked without failure. I’ve walked beyond brick walls, and at a distance, and I’ve been able to continue conversation.
  • Most of all, I like hearing I’ve received a text or update while I’m working out or listening to music without the obligation to check and action them immediately.
  • I can leave my phone in my bag when I’m at work, and in the lockers when I’m at gym, without the need to carry my phone on me  while I listen to pumping music, record my workout, or miss important texts and notifications.
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