Suzi Dent: Motivational Speaker

I’ve been so lucky to have met some extraordinary women in my career. I’m very proud to tell you one of them (the most predominant) being the amazing – Suzi Dent.

I met Suzi many years ago while I was working for an employer who is best described as dodgy. She inspired me the moment I met her and I was more so inspired observing her with her young child at the time, Jack. I also loved the time I spent with her husband Don who was a barrel of laughs, a gentleman, and such a cool guy who is also an inspiration himself.

Over the years, I confided in Suzi while I was going through some tough stuff. There was my job dismissal from the dodgy empolyer while I was navigating serious illness and needed spinal surgery – she was there for me. There was that time my husband had a heart attack and I had to step up and be there while completing my degree – she was there for me. There was that other time my husband was critically ill and I was barely able to manage through daily challenges let alone life’s challenges – yet again, she was there for me.

Through those, and many others… she was always there for me providing sound advice giving me comfort that I always had someone in my corner no matter what. She told me she saw something in me and that I deserved greatness because she saw great in me and she acknowledged that no matter what, when I got through the challenge, I had something to offer others who were fighting similar fights and my experience could help them.

I can’t explain how thrilled I was when Suzi stepped out of her comfort zone to become Mrs Earth Australia in 2017. I’d been her #1 fan for many years but this was a bookmark highlighting that she is without question a champion, and I without question can achieve amazing stuff too – because Suzi reminds me I can.

In recent years times have been dark. But Suzi with her trademark joyful personality and most importantly, her words of wisdom, has helped me see light again. She really is a gem and I’m so thankful I have the opportunity of calling her my friend.

I’m not a feminist but I acknowledge how challenging it is to be a successful woman in this day and age given women are the first to cut you down and impact your self esteem – especially when you’re on the path to success.

Suzi prides herself on being a positive influence for women as a motivational speaker and I commend her for taking this stance. I highly encourage anyone reading this to engage Suzi as an MC or in person for motivational advice. She is the rare gem I’ve met in my career who isn’t about self-promotion; She just wants to help women be better versions of themselves and she has a tonne of life experience to help us all do this.

She was crowned a beauty queen at 55 after years working as a make-up artist making others look and feel beautiful for crying out loud. She has the goods and I’m passionate about doing what I can to help other ladies too… and Suzi is without doubt the goods. Book her for your next event. She’s an amazing woman who is humble and has a whole lot of experience to share. She’s entertaining and few know this secret which I feel the need to share – she’s a singer from way back and her songs captivate me.

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