WEB DESIGN – Suzi Dent

Suzi Dent is an inspirational woman and if you haven’t checked her out yet you must do it now. 

I had the good fortune of rebuilding Suzi’s website using the existing content on her WordPress website. The theme was changed, the page layout redesigned to be more user friendly and extra pizzazz was added to highlight Suzi’s extraordinary story while highlighting her unique offering.

This website is still in development with many exciting tweaks and updates still to come. It was vital this domain reflected Suzi’s branding and highlighted her experience while staying true to her down-to-earth and relatable personality and humour. 

I’m fortunate to call Suzi a friend and most lucky to have her as a mentor guiding me through my personal and business journey. I’m excited about the future plans for this domain’s evolution and what’s most exciting is the progress of Suzi’s career which is about to take giant leaps. Make sure you visit www.suzident.com regularly for some phenomenal updates coming soon and subscribe to her mailing list so you receive notifications about her aaaah-maaaazing progress in the near future. 

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