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I was working on my website yesterday and updated a couple of plugins. I logged out and then every time I tried to loginin my details would enter successfully but it would open a blank page. I reset my caches at restarted my computer with no success so I took to Google.

How did I fix this issue?

The fix was pretty quick and easy but it requires some knowledge about how the backend of the website works and is filed. If you’re not familiar with this area it’s best you contact a professional so you don’t stuff up and create a bigger issue.

First and foremost, thank you WP Fixit for a concise troubleshoot on your website. It was bloody brilliant and you helped me rectify the issue myself within a couple of paragraphs.

Steps I followed

In order to enter my WordPress logins and enter without seeing the dreaded white page I followed these steps:

  1. Open your hosting web control panel
  2. Navigate to the folder WP-CONTENT
  3. Find the folder called PLUGINS and rename it to PLUGINS-OFF
  4. Login to wp-admin again… and it should work!
  5. Rename the PLUGINS-OFF folder in the control panel back to PLUGINS

If these steps didn’t work, visit WP Fixit, contact me or your web developer for further assistance.

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